Siri performs “cello spoken here” concert 7:00-9:00 pm Sat. Feb. 20, 2016

Siri and cello

Come and see my show at the fun and private house concert setting in Clinton, WA. (Address revealed with RSVP) Come join me with several musician guests for a fun show.
RSVPs a must. For info & reservations, contact Ed at: (425) 791-1719 or

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70 mph. gusts have scoured away any trace of our over-heated summer. The leaves that litter yards and streets are green which is just plain wrong.  What happened to chilly nights and warm days and the foliage fade into gold and red?

It all a tad premature.

Mother Nature, life’s uber project manager, isn’t thrown off one bit. She gives a yell into the brass horned voice pipe that descends deep into the earth.

“Listen up!” she says to the hyphae.

Then she makes it rain, hard enough to penetrate the forest floor.

Next thing ya know…well, chanterelles.

No way will I tell you where.

This is not a Chanterelle!
This is not a Chanterelle!


Red_PlumsOn Tuesday, Mother Nature glanced down at her big bold-faced-natural-time wristwatch. The hot sun was on her shoulders in the field where she stood chin deep in corn.  Beyond the cornsilk, she saw distant peaks draped with a blue haze where snow should be. She swatted a fly then snapped her fingers and earth earnestly sat upright from its summer recliner.  Wednesday morning, I saw the sun shine at a slant through dew on the grass.

I hate that moment, but the big wise one understands balance and she offers the fruits of summer in a trade for shorter days. Those of us whose religion is making something out of nothing, we accept the deal. A voracious forager, I already have a mental map of my new neighborhood. There two well-pruned Gravenstein trees a couple blocks away, some 60-foot wild pear trees, worthless now but for the graceful arch of their top branches.  A little fruit poaching and apple wrangling.

I was spared all that sneaking around when a friend gave me a huge box of plums. It took me two mornings to turn all that fruit into jam.


I thought my seasonal thoughts as I stirred with the long handled wooden spoon, wistful thoughts for their attachment to fleeting seasons and the people I know and the millions I don’t who stand in a patient and infinite line behind me and help me stir.

Not much means more to me than Mother Nature’s perennial promise that with simple resources and a commitment to the task at hand, life can be so sweet.

Rare Blue Moon


The evening sky hangs velvet black,

            the stars blink quiet and pale.

Midnight waits with bated breath

             for the moon to light a trail.


 It will transit the sky, it will shine you silver

            oh, it will make you howl and moan.

Just for tonight, just in time,

            the rare blue moon.

©Siri Bardarson (Catch the rest on my music page on this site!)


Ahh, celestial navigation, finding one’s way by observing the sun, moon and stars.

My muse travels that trail.

Friday, July 31, 2015, the full moon is a rare blue moon. It’s extra, a bonus, the prize in the Cracker Jack, the tree frog in the dahlia, the found earring.

The full moon will occur at 3:43 a.m. PDT although the moon will appear full well beyond that fleeting moment when the moon stands 180 degrees opposite the sun in ecliptic longitude.

Maybe you will get up from bed, rumpled sheets and someone you love, or you gotta pee, or the dog whines because the 180 degree point in ecliptic longitude makes her hair stand on end.

Make the effort to see something rare.

Make the effort to look.







Fields of Gold



I hiked the bluff at Ebey’s Prairie ( two weeks ago before the barley field had been cut and I remembered the beautiful song, “Fields of Gold”, written by Sting and recorded by everyone including me and  my No-Band-is-An-Island band mates over a decade ago.

“Many years have passed since that summer day among the fields of barley…”

What an understatement.

Life is now, fellow comrades on the trail. Dig it!






Featured guest on a Theatrical Mustang podcast with host Katie Woodzick



A thrillion thanks to Katie Woodzick, for having me on her brilliant concept podcast, Theatrical Mustang.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to myself yak about, how did Katie say it?, “music, writing, and the rewards of artistic collaboration”.  Now I must hurry away to take my own advice and launch my next project on the great explore.

Stay tuned and remember we are in this together!

Theatrical Mustang with Katie Woodzick

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